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Healthcare Solutions for Life Sciences

Following strict protocols and conducting experiments to improve the quality of life is all part of the stressful and demanding work in Life Sciences. In such a field, scientists and researchers would welcome the chance to decrease errors, improve productivity and reduce costs.

The Solution

With Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions, life just got a bit easier. Point and click for data capture and delivery of information. Whether it be science, technology or medicine, your job is too important to allow inaccuracies or equipment technicalities to inhibit the progression of work. The dependable Series 7, 700 Series, and 800 Series barcode scanners provide options that are intended to make your job have fewer hassles by avoiding manual data updates, or worrying over the contamination of germs.

We understand how important and stressful science can be. Let Socket Mobile help streamline your productivity.

Barcode Scanning and NFC Advantages

  • Track floating inventory in real time
  • Reduce costs and encourage innovation
  • Optimize flow of scientific and operational data
  • Bring therapies to market faster
  • Integrate disparate applications and infrastructure
    (includes legacy IT systems)
  • Meet the EPC global Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) standard for closed loop track & trace
  • Securely track electronic certificates of authenticity, or ePedigree, for historical data on individual containers of medicine
  • Reduce spread of germs with antimicrobial material