Barcode scanning in pharmacy


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Healthcare Solutions for Pharmacy Drug Verification

Proper documentation is essential to the medical industry, and this is especially true in the case of pharmacies. Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring that the correct patient gets the correct medication, every time. In a profession with such strict oversight, it’s crucial that they have an accurate record of all drugs entering and exiting the pharmacy. Mistakes can be costly and dangerous.

With Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions, life just got a bit easier. Simply point and click for data capture and delivery of information. Your job is too important to allow inaccuracies or technical difficulties to inhibit the progression of work. Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners are easy to use, efficient and highly accurate, providing data capture and delivery solutions to help create a more efficient workflow. Reduce paper clutter and manual data entry, check stocking in real-time.

With the help of Socket Mobile barcode scanners, the pharmaceutical industry will be more efficient than ever, helping maintain industry standards and regulations.



  • Kaiser Permanente:KaiserはSocket Mobileのスキャナーを活用して、在庫にある百万個以上の商品を毎日管理しています。このような膨大な製品において、Socket Mobileのスキャナーのような信頼のできるデータ収集システムが必要不可欠です。