The Customer

BSS Business Software Solutions GmbH (BSS) is a Hamburg based company which develops software for the wood and related industry. A customer order was the origin of TIMBERplus, an individually adaptable software solution to support virtually all aspects of the timber/veneer industry. We provide market leading software with an unrivalled support system, enabling our international customer base to rely on us for their current and future software needs.


The Challenge

We wanted to provide our customers with an easy to use, cost effective scanning solution. We previously implemented many Apple iPads/iPods in projects which used the camera function to scan barcoded veneer bundles, however it became apparent that this was a time-consuming function. Due to the fact that the camera was not able to decode all the barcodes, especially the badly printed ones, this resulted in users typing in barcodes manually, which can then lead to human error. Also, our iPad Production Terminal (as shown in the picture) is fixed and protected by a metal case due to the harsh environment it is used in, it was difficult to get the flexibility to scan the barcodes.


The Socket Mobile Solution

The design of the series 7 Socket Mobile scanner works perfectly with our iPad Production Terminal and allows our customers to have the freedom of movement away from the fixed terminal.

We also wanted to provide our customers with an affordable mobile pocket device and found that the Series 8 with the Duracase for the iPod Touch was the perfect solution. Allowing our customers freedom to walk around their warehouse (which can be very large) and sell/check their wood inventory (without having to go back to the iPad Production Terminal to check the data), therefore saves them time and makes their warehouse process more efficient. The Duracase also comes with the added benefit of providing protection for the iPod, which is required in the dusty environment it is used in. Used with the charging dock with the magnetic contacts, this makes the ideal mobile device to use in a veneer warehouse.

The Results 

We currently have 12 Applications for the iPhone / iPad which are enabled with the Socket mobile scanner, all of which can be found on the Socket Mobile Apps page. We also have several new Applications planned for development this Year.

With the Socket Mobile devices our customers can scan more barcodes, helping them make their warehouse processes more effective by reducing human error. It replaces the need for the time-consuming, camera-scanning decoding process, giving them more time to spend with their customers.