The Customer

Envia Mi Compra is a courier company that allows people living in Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina to buy from US merchants. With offices in Miami, Montevideo, Asunción and Buenos Aires, they rely on cutting edge technology to provide a hassle-free shopping experience.


The Challenge

Clients wanted to pay online and have their packages delivered to their home or office. Envia Mi Compra needed to implement a solution that allowed them to scan packages in real time and verify whether the postage was paid.

The company developed an HTML5 solution that allows delivery staff to enter a package’s tracking code and verify whether the package is paid; the application also collects the receiver’s signature and the delivery position (latitude and longitude) by using geolocation.

This app is hardware agnostic and runs on any device with browser and Internet connection. There were two options:

  1. Run the app on a mobile computer
  2. Run the app on a tablet
The mobile computer was their first option since the barcode reader was already incorporated on the handheld. The main disadvantage for this solution was the low screen resolution and high hardware prices.

Running the app on a tablet was way trendier and also less hardware expensive, but they were facing some issues:
  • Small size barcode readers were unable to read their barcodes accurately
  • When pairing the barcode reader with the tablet, the barcode reader would disallow the tablet’s on-screen keyboard

Envia Mi Compra-web

The Socket Mobile Solution

When they were sure no barcode scanner would suit their needs, they gave the Socket Mobile S800 a try, and it turned out to be, “…exactly what we were looking for: small, robust Bluetooth connectivity, great accuracy and let us use the barcode scanner and the tablet’s keyboard simultaneously.”- Envia Mi Compra representative

The Results

All of their delivery staff are now equipped with a tablet and the SocketMobile S800.

They track every package on each key point (when arrived at the airport, when loaded to the trucks, when stored on their warehouse) and more important, they are able to verify, in real-time, whether a package’s postage was paid or not.