Socket Mobile's lanyards leave hands free for multi-tasking. Carry the barcode scanner or RFID reader around your neck or use the belt clip to attach to your hip. The retractable pull reel provides additional lengthening for maximum reach. 

Many jobs require fulfilling more than one task, which requires a lot of movement. The more we move around, grab and transfer items, the more likely we will misplace tools or even drop them. Using a Lanyard with a Belt Clip can help you avoid dropping or losing your Socket Mobile scanner or reader.

Steven is a hands-on manager of a clothing store. Working the retail counter requires scanning labels, then folding and bagging items, followed by more scanning, then folding, then… OOPS! The scanner fell to the floor and rolled under the desk. Now his line of customers is getting annoyed because it’s taking him extra time to fish the scanner out from under the desk. He needs to find a way to keep his scanner with him at all times.

The Lanyard with a Belt Clip attaches to all Socket Mobile devices, resting safely around a user’s neck or clipping to a belt, pocket or vest, waiting to be used.

With the Lanyard secured around his neck or clipped to his clothing, Steven roams freely around his store. He fixes hangers, assists customers and can scan inventory at a moment’s notice because his scanner is always with him.

No matter what industry you work in, there’s an attachable accessory to meet your personal preference and needs at work.


Applicable Industries:

  • Manufacturing Shop Floor
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center
  • Retail Store
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)
  • Field Sales/Service
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation/Delivery