Attachable Barcode Scanner

 The 800 Series is an attachable barcode scanner for your phone. Combining two devices into one, providing simpler solutions to seemingly difficult jobs.

scanning_BooksSasha resells books as an independent business. Scanning ISBN numbers on books with her phone is slow. Scanning a shelf of books, one at a time, waiting for each scan to go through is a tedious waste of precious time.

She tries using a handheld barcode scanner alongside her cell phone, but stashing both devices in her bag and juggling them with the books is a pain.

When Sasha attaches the small and light 800 Series to her mobile device, she turns her phone into a professional barcode scanner. Scanning books 10 times as fast and checking the status of each scanned book within a second of pushing a button.

Sasha now has both of her tools together in one place. Instead of carrying around a notepad, her phone, and her scanner, everything is rolled into one by simply attaching the 800 Series.




scanning_BoxVal does a lot of traveling. Since he’s frequently on the road, he needs to keep his smart phone handy, as well as his barcode scanner when he picks up and makes deliveries. Getting in and out of his truck, while grabbing packages can be a lot to juggle.

With the 800 Series, Val has the option of keeping his personal cell phone in one pocket, and slipping the slim 800 Series in his chest pocket while he carries boxes from his truck to someone’s doorstep.
Val no longer juggles his phone and scanner with his deliveries, which means fewer items dropped and happier clients with undamaged packages.

The 800 Series allows users to maintain full access of their mobile phone’s abilities while using the attachable scanner to complete their work’s duties.